Armor and Other Equipment


Radiant Armor
The armors worn by samurai are now afforded the added protection of “radiant” energy. The armor glows in direct proportion to the severity of damage dealt to its wearer. Radiant Armor comes in all variations of traditional armor, including: ashigaru, light, riding, and heavy. It is very rare to see non-radiant armor in use in this era, but many ancient sets of armor are kept by families as heirlooms or can be found in museums across the empire.

Atsuryoku Armor
A variant of Radiant Armor, this modification allows samurai to operate in the vacuum of space without dire consequence. Pressurizing Atsuryoku Armor requires a Simple Action Computers/Intelligence Skill Roll with a TN of 15. Damaged armor requires a Complex Action with the same Skill to repressurize with a TN of 25.

Other Equipment

All-Temperature Cloak
This wrap-around cloak protects its wearer from the elements and hostile conditions. Add a +5 equipment bonus to all Rolls made to resist severe weather.

  • Keywords: Medium
  • Price: 3 koku

Atsuryoku Mempo
This personal atmosphere-filtering system consists of a mask that fits over the mouth and nose. This life-supporting mempo provides approximately 1 hour of breathable atmosphere before its filter and atmosphere canisters must be replaced. To replace the filter and canisters, the user must make a Engineering / Intelligence Roll with a TN of 15. In combat, this TN becomes 20.

  • Keywords: Small
  • Price: 10 koku

Code Cylinder

Flight Suit

Pocket Adjutant
A personal communications transceiver, the Adjutant is a standard issue model used by most Great Clans. Civilian models come in a variety of small shapes and styles. Some are built into helmets and armor; Imperial Legion armor includes a kabuto equipped with a Adjutant. The range of typical devices is 30 miles or low-orbit. For greater range, a Adjutant must be connected to a more powerful energy source, such as those built into vehicles. For an added expense (50 koku), it may be equipped with encrypting routines.

  • Keywords: Small
  • Price: 10 koku

Security Kit
A security kit is a set of special tools for bypassing electronic and mechanical locks. On most worlds in the Empire, possession of a security kit is illegal for anyone who doesn’t have the proper permits, such as members of law enforcement agencies and professional security experts. When using the Hacking Emphasis of the Computers Skill to bypass locks, using the Security Kit decreases the TN of the task by 10.

  • Keywords: Small, Ninja
  • *Price: Because of the nature of Security Kits, they are only available when issued by a superior or when found on the black market.

Tool Kit

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Armor and Other Equipment

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