Also known as “lesser dragons”, these canopy dwelling predators are native to the world known simply as the Nest. Native to the world-spanning jungles of this Mantis holding, many Unicorn once made pilgrimages to this system in order to capture and train Doreiku as flying mounts. Now, Doreiku breeds can be found on many worlds inhabited by the Unicorn Clan.
Air 4 Earth 3 Fire 4 Water 3
Stamina 6 Perception 4
Initiative: 7k4 Attack: Claws 8k4 (Simple) Damage: 6k3 (claws) Armor TN: 30 Reduction: 5
Wounds: 25/5 50/10 45/15 60/20 75/Dead
Special Abilities:

  • Swift 4 (when flying)

During the exploration of New Kalani by Arashi Dairuko in 3018, the Mantis shugenja discovered the “stormtigers” flying above the oceans of this world heavily influenced by Chikushudo. A mythical creature wiith the head, forelegs, and wings of an eagle, and the hindquarters of a tiger. Also refered to as “thunder-tigers”.

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