When Isawa Kazuo discovered “radiant energy” in 2828, he inadvertently revolutionized ranged combat within the Empire. Radiant firearms discharge beams of brilliant energy at a target, an so far have only been successfully countered by radiant armors.

When using a firearm, add its Perception rating to the number of kept dice from its DR. For example, a character wielding a Marksman’s Rifle (Perception 4) with a DR of 6k3 would roll a total of 10k3 for damage. However, a character whose Perception is less than that of the firearm he is wielding uses his Perception instead of the firearm’s Perception. (i.e. if you have Perception 2, the DR would only be 8k3)
Standard Sidearm
The traditional sidearm conforms to a common pattern that is mechanically identical throughout the Empire, although there are many variations of outward design to suit the particular styles of a given clan. One of the most ubiquitous such weapons is the Mirumoto weapons called Twin Radiance, which are intended to be worn in pairs, and are freely sold to outsiders such as the Minor Clan Alliance and various ronin groups.

  • Keywords: Samurai, Small
  • Perception: 3
  • DR: 3k3
  • Range: 100’
    Standard Rifle
    The most common battlefield firearm, carried by virtually every samurai during military service, is the standard energy rifle. The most common version is the Akodo Arms Indomitable X32, which has been in service for more than two centuries with virtually no significant changes.
  • Keywords: Samurai, Medium
  • Perception: 2
  • DR: 4k4
  • Range: 500’

Heavy Assault Rifle
Despite the significant power of the standard assault weapons carried by samurai troops, there are times when greater impact is required. Weapons such as the Kaiu Forge Devastator-class Siege Weapon are renowned for their ability to threaten the armor of even hardened targets such as armored vehicles. Then energy generated by the such weaponry is significant, and can even threaten those in the vicinity if wielded without proper training.

  • Keywords: Samurai, Large
  • Perception: 1
  • DR: 6k5
  • Range: 400’
  • Special Rules: The sheer force exerted by this weapon, not to mention its significant size and weight, means it requires Strength 4 to wield properly.
    Marksman’s Rifle
    Certain circumstances require specialized weapons, and while there are a wide variety of these in existence, one of the most frequent is a rifle customized for long range sniping. The Tsuruchi are the natural masters of this particular art, and their Distant Thunder model rifle is widely considered one of the best such weapons on the market.
  • Keywords: Samurai, Large
  • Perception: 4
  • DR: 6k3
  • Range: 1000’

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