Ships and Stations

Katana-class Battlecruiser

Wakizashi-class Cruiser

  • Slightly less than half the size of a Katana, but requires only a fraction of the its crew.

Atakebune-class Light Cruiser

  • A smaller ship utalized by the Mantis Clan.
  • The smallest vessel that can bear the name cruiser, and remarkably swift. Capable of spaceflight, atmospheric conditions, and aquatic operations.

Rumored Scorpion Light Cruiser

  • A rumored cruiser class with advanced stealth technology and unrivaled surveillance abilities.

Daikyu-class Carrier

  • Larger than Katanas. Rare.
  • Used in place of a Katana as the the Tsuruchi family’s flagship.
  • Capable of fielding several hundred Tanto-class ships or the equivalent.

Yumi-class Carrier

  • Most common class of carrier.
  • Equivalent in size to a medium cruiser.

Hankyu-class Carrier

  • Can only only a single squadron of fighters.

Transports, Barges, and Merchant-craft

  • Most common types of ships seen in the trade-lanes and skies of the Empire.

Tanto-class Fighter

  • A small, single-pilot combat craft, vital to any fleet. These “fighters” are used to great effect during large-scale battles. Unable to access faster than light travel.

Baraunghar-class Fighter

  • A two-person version of the Tanto, used by the Unicorn Clan. A pilot and a shugenja operate the craft, which (thanks to the Unicorn shugenja) can use a variant of Opening the Way to make faster-than-light jumps.

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Ships and Stations

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